Kimberly Hulme of Love Craft Collective

For my my first Artist i thought who better to interview than my good friend and amazing artist behind Love Craft Collective.

I first met Kim whilst living in Whistler, Canada. She babysat for my son Felix and daughter Gabby. I definitely hit the jackpot babysitter wise, as she is such an energetic, creative soul who my kids absolutely adored. 

Living in British Columbia its super hard not to be inspired, as there is just beauty everywhere. In the landscape, in nature, in the wildlife. I feel like Kims pieces truly reflect her personality and surroundings perfectly. 

Here is a little more about herself, life and creative process...

Tell me about yourself, name, where you live, do you have children?

My name is Kimberly Hulme and I've been living in Pemberton British Columbia for about 10 years now (which is crazy to!!) I was born and raised in Ontario. I have one baby girl, 2 big pups and one handsome partner in crime.

Other than Macrame, what are your hobbies?

Besides Macrame, I also love sewing. I have been making baby nests (little baby

pods for resting and playing when baby is small) since i was pregnant over a year ago and after showing some friends what i made it some what took off with people asking for them... so to say the least I've been busy! I also love baking and on occasion make wedding cakes, i like to mix it up to keep passionate!

When you was young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

That's easy, a babysitter! Not even kidding. My mom took care of a few kids when i was little before she went back to work so she could be home with me. I thought that was the absolute best job in the world to get to play with kids and get paid for it.

When and how did you first get into your craft and who or what inspired you to do so then? Where do you source your inspiration now?

I began learning macrame about three years ago when i was looking for a new craft to play around with. I love working with my hands and using fibres so it just made sense to me immediately. I began with learning basic tutorials and then just started free handing my own ideas and using the old 'lets see where this goes' mentality. Macrame grew in popularity and i started getting orders and being asked o run workshops in my local community. I still get nervous to speak in public with the workshops but i the end i absolutely love sharing my craft and getting a group of people together where you have no choice but to put the phones down and get busy ;) Now a days its honestly hard not to be inspired, everywhere i look whether it be on social media or in nature, I'm bombarded with beauty and talent and ideas that all manifest themselves into my next project.

Tell me about your creative process, where do you work, favourite material to work with?

I guess the creative process was answered for work I'm still currently at home with my 11 month old I also pick up the odd babysitting gig for local families (keeping up with my childhood dream of course lol) and my macrame and baby nests fill in the rest. As for materials i love it all!!! I like using so many different textures and fibres as each has its own quality in a piece. My go to is natural 5mm cotton 3 strand rope and extra soft cotton string, and i love using raw cotton boat caulking in my weaving's for those fluffy pieces.

What was your most challenging piece to create so far and why?

My most challenging piece is anything that's symmetrical. I love how they look in the end but it usually means I've had to step back (and away sometimes) to make sure its on the right track and sometimes knots need to be taken out for hours on end!

What would be your dream project?

Dream project hmm... I love doing large commission pieces so i guess getting an order from a lodge or boutique hotel who wanted something big and beautiful that i could showcase and get creative with would be the dream.

One piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out on this journey?

Make mistakes and be OK with it, you'll only learn from them and you never know where your next creative discovery will come from or who might fall in love with it.

Your favourite Instagram account at the moment and why?

I'm a little obsessed with @solipdiy her art and techniques are so unique and beautiful.

Professionally whats your goal?

My goal is to stay passionate, whether that be through fibre art or something different in the future. I just want to continue to love creating!

If you want to follow Kims journey be sure to go follow and check out her Instagram page @lovecraftcltv