My favourite DIY kits...

Shopping small and crafting has never been so important as it has this year. I feel like the need to craft has become so popular what with us all staying home and looking for new interests and hobbies to occupy our time. But also for me personally and i believe for many others also, crafts such as Macramé and weaving has become a meditative outlet. One that helps relieve any stress and anxiety i may be feeling. It definitely has helped me through times of high anxiety this year, and i really don't know what i would have done without it.

So i decided to compile a list and share some of my favourite macramé and weaving DIY kits and small businesses, that will help you get started on your fibre art journey. They are designed and made from some really incredible fibre artists, and I've made sure to show a wide range of styles and makes from rainbows and wall-hangings, to plant-holders and coaster kits.

These are all great for a personal gift for yourself, but also make such a great gift for someone else at Christmas.

So let me show you a few of my favourites...

Living Weaving

Hannah Choi is a beautiful macramé and weaving artist based out of London UK. She has such a stunning collection of kits available on her Etsy store, from plant holders, wall hangings and even a Christmas ornament kit which is perfect for this time of year. What i love about Hannah's kits is that she offers a range of different levels from beginner to the more advanced patterns. You can shop Hannah's kits here and follow her on Instagram @livingweaving so you can view more of her amazing makes.


 Made Weave Love

Phoebe Hammond is an absolutely amazing weaver based out of Dorset, England. She works out of her home studio designing and creating the most luxurious looking weaves and amazing weaving kits. 


She currently has 3 kits available, all are different levels and patterns which are aptly named 'the newcomer,' 'Rookie,' & 'Artist.' Plus i believe Phoebe has just released a fourth too called 'boho', which is aimed more towards the more advanced weaver! They all contain everything you need to create your own weave, the fibres, loom, wooden dowel, needle, warp & instruction guide. What i really love about these kits is that it comes with your very own wooden loom, so once you've mastered the weave from the kit you can carry on weaving your own designs with the techniques you've learned from Phoebes pattern. Take it from me, once you've cut your very first weave off the are sure to be addicted to this craft.


You can shop Phoebes weaving kits over on the world of wool website by clicking here. If you want to try and grab one of her own weaves, Phoebe does monthly collections which are always a sell out in a matter of minutes. So you need to have some quick fingers. If you want to know when her releases are you can follow her on Instagram @madeweavelove and you can shop her lovely weaves over on her website.

R.D. Grace Designs

Rebekah Jones is a weaver and yarn spinner, she creates the most gorgeous woven pieces of art for your home that are simple in design & stunningly made. 

Her woven coaster kit is one i have personally tried and tested myself and is a beautiful kit for the beginner weaver or a great gift for a crafty child. The instructions are easy to follow and everything comes pre measured for your convenience. She even provides the cutest little wooden weaving needle to make the weaving easier. You can purchase this kit through her Etsy store and follow her over on Instagram @r.d.grace 

Woven Rainbow UK

I first met Clare when she booked on for one of my private macramé workshops. She was an absolute natural, who instantly found her own unique style. Her woven and macramé makes are so unique, I am not at all surprised her macramé rainbow kits are so popular.


These beautiful weaving kits come in a range of different colour options for you to choose from, and everything you need to craft it. This kit is absolutely perfect for the beginner macramé artist. You can shop Clare's kits over on her Etsy page, and follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with all her new kits and updates @wovenrainbowuk

Fluffy Peaks Designs

Rebecca Borg is a macramé artist based in London UK. I love the rustic feel to her pieces and the connection to nature you get from them through her colour choices and the unique pieces of driftwood she uses.

Her go to design is the macramé feather, and she has absolutely nailed this make. Lucky for us she has decided to share all her secrets to making the perfect feather hanging with us. 

In this macramé feather kit, you get the cotton, the comb to brush out your fringe and a unique piece of driftwood to hang it from. So you can add your own bit of nature inspired art to your home. You can shop her feather kits on her Etsy store, and follow her on Instagram so you can see more of her gorgeous makes @fluffypeaksdesigns

Home vibes macrame

Not all the kits i love are from UK makers, i wanted to share some from other countries and artists who inspire me on the daily. This one is made by an Instagram favourite of mine based in Australia. Krystle Linton is a macramé artist who makes the most eye catching creations, and stunning macramé & weaving kits to suit all.

She has so many awesome creative kits to choose from but one i really love is her Macramé DIY kit. I love this kit because its perfect for beginners, its a good sized wall-hanging and i just really love this pattern. You learn quite a few different knots, techniques such as layering which will get you well on your way to being a macramé superstar.

You can shop this kit over on her Etsy page and check out her amazing Instagram page for more downloadable patterns and tutorials @homevibes_macrame

Happy Melodie

Melodie is an artist based out of Paris, France, she creates the most beautifully intricate pieces of woven art and definitely has inspired me over the years with her unique woven style. Plus all her pieces are made using the most stunning Vegan yarns, which i absolutely love.

Melodie has just announced that she will now be teaching online weaving sessions. You can either do a one on one or enjoy a session with a friend or family member, which is perfect right now as lots of us are having to stay home. 

She offers a range of classes, from a beginner course, to a more advanced session. I think this is so great, cuz we all learn differently right!? Someone may learn really great from written instructions, whilst others learn better through seeing the techniques done. I know this is definitely true for myself. You can book on for one of her sessions through her website and follow her on instagram to see her beautiful weaves and videos @happy.melodie

Eleanor decor

Eleanors style is full of colour and beautiful hand spun yarns, her Instagram page makes me smile with all the beautiful bright shades.

If colour is your thing, then her circular weaving kits are definitely for you. She incorporates her love for colour and hand spun yarns into them, and are available in a few different colourways. You can shop these kits via her Etsy page and follow her on Instagram @eleanordecor

From the shore studio

Jess Davies is one of my favourite fibre artists, I'm just in love with her style. She's inspired by the ocean and you can definitely tell by her beach themed makes. using mainly natural tones and pieces of drift wood she creates some seriously cool designs.

Jess has a beautiful macramé plant hanger kit which you can grab over on her Etsy. She has made things super easy for you by pre measuring out your lengths and even added in an s-hook so you can hang up your hanging whilst you make. This kit is absolutely perfect for the beginner macramé artist, looking to learn a few different knots that will get them started. Make sure to follow jess over on her Instagram @fromtheshorestudio

I really hope you have found this blog helpful and found a DIY kit that suits you and your style of learning. There are so many amazing kits out there at the moment from some really awesome artists, these were just ones that i really love and wanted to share with you all. I hope that it has inspired you in some way, either to shop small or start making.

Jordan x